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Four Die Paper Plate Making Machine


Shree Balaji Associates is a known name for supplying high-quality paper plate-making machines in the present market. A wide range of products is manufactured in order to meet the varied needs of our clients in India. The four die machine can reduce the time needed for the manufacture and reduces the labor cost also. Being highly reliable and effective speed in functioning the capacity ranges between 4000-5000 pieces per hour.

Being cost-effective the maintenance is less and the installation is very simple which makes it one of the effective machines we have. The parts of the machine can undergo wear and tear upon usage. The suitable parts can be replaced based on the availability after contacting us and upon approval by our quality inspector. We are certified by Indiamart where we have many satisfied customers who have given us several positive reviews. The customer service team can contact you for further issues and queries and please do contact us for any more details.

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The fully Automatic Four Die Paper Plate Making Machine is easy to operate, highly reliable with excellent speed in functioning. The capacity of this machine is 4000-5000 pieces per hour. The cost for maintaining the machinery is comparatively low as the number of personnel needed can also be lowered. The installation of this particular machinery is simple and easy. The machine parts can undergo wear and tear upon usage which can be replaced by us for the period under warranty. After that particular period, the availability of the parts is simpler. We are widely located in India, which helped us in providing the equipment for a wide range of customers. Our company is certified by Indiamart where we have earned many positive reviews from the users. The customer service team is highly helpful and one can expect an immediate response from us without any delay. For any queries or quotes please contact us and we will get back to you.